Saturday, February 27, 2010

Accio Books

This year I'm participating in the Harry Potter Alliance's Accio Books drive. Most (if not all, I'm not really sure) of the books raised will be going to people in/from Haiti.
The HPA, for those who don't know, is a non-profit organization comprised of HP fans. We're the "Dumbledore's Army of the real world."
Past campaigns are:

  • Raising money for people in Darfur and Burma
  • Accio Books 2009 (4,000 of which went to Rwanda)
  • Phone campaign through Mass Equality to promote marriage equality in Maine
  • "Lighting a Candle For Rwanda" videos, shown at a celebration in Rwanda
  • Work with anti-genocide group STAND
  • Wizard Rock the Vote (helping first-time voters to register)
  • Podcast on Darfur
  • Teaching student leaders

North Carolina's Chapter:
HPA Main site:

These people are pretty awesome. There's a Livestream @ 4:00 today to kick-off Accio Books.

Okay, unrelated plugging over.

I finished Boys Without Names yesterday. Emily wants to read it next, so I'll give it to her in band on Monday. Next I will be reading Before I Fall. It's pretty long, but I hope I'll be finished by next meeting so someone else can have it.

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