Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Krispey Kreme Challenge

For those who do not know, the NC State Krispey Kreme Challenge is a race invented by a few students several years ago. The first year had 12 participants. This year had 6000. I was one of those 6000.

I expected to walk most if not all of the way, simply because I don't like running. I ended up running almost all of the 2 miles to the Krispey Kreme (then ate 2 donuts and had a cup of water), and then ran/walk scatteredly for the 2 miles back. My dad and I finished together.
We just got back, my cousin is lying on the floor feeling ill, and my dad and aunt are doing something on the computer. I am tired and my legs hurt, but I also feel pretty good. I haven't run much since last spring (when I had gym class, and we have barely done any running this semester in gym), so I was sort of surprised I lasted as long as I did.
On the way back, I began counting my steps. Not for any particular reason, but simply because I wanted to. My previous record for how high I have ever counted was about 375. Today I got to over 1200. We also have about 50 donuts lying around our house. Video to be posted on YouTube soon documenting the experience.

Either later today or sometime tomorrow I am submitting what I have so far of Clockwork in that Amazon contest I have mentioned in a previous post. As mentioned before, if I win, I get 15,000 dollars and a contract with penguin. Insanely unlikely, but fun to fantasize about and definitely worth a shot.

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  1. I dunno if I would feel like a doughnut after two miles...I dunno. I plan to submit WITCHLAND to a magazine soon; it just needs a wee bit more editing.

    I'm almost done with Draft One of THE CORN MAZE. After that, I should probably finish reading THE LIGHTNING THIEF and start DRACULA. I still need to read more sci-fi.

    ...Oh, and congrats!!! :D


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