Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thing 1 & Thing 2

"A quiet mind cureth all." - Robert Burton
Novel 1: 80,015 words 
Novel 2: 80,035 words
Now that second number is definitely going to change (in the upward direction) during revisions, but...dang. 20-word difference.

Although this is interesting:
Novel 1: 430,506 chars 
Novel 2: 445,399 chars
Apparently I used bigger words.

And according to Random Online Writing Analyzer I used yesterday...

Novel 1, which is the thing of which I am most proud and the piece of my writing I love best: Reads like Cory Doctorow (YES!)
Novel 2: Despite being epic fantasy, apparently reads like a James Bond novel

I have never read a James Bond novel, so I do not know what this means. Although their algorithm probably thinks very little happens in it other than conversations about the weather, given that most of the main characters are conscious embodiments of seven aspects of a hurricane.

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