Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I'm Not Dead Yet!"

"When unhappy, one doubts everything; when happy, one doubts nothing." - Joseph Roux

Nothing was set on fire today, but that was probably only because our principal came on the intercom at about 12:30 to announce that we were entering a Code Yellow Lockdown due to a bank robbery across the street. We stayed in 3rd period an extra 30 minutes before the police said it was definitely safe to go outside.

My principal is having an awesome week.

Prevailing rumors on the fire:

  • They caught the person who did it Monday
  • Monday and Tuesday were the same person (possibly a sophomore no one I know actually knows).
  • Five people made a pact to each set a trash can on fire on an assigned day of the week
  • Monday was a smoking accident, and Tuesday was just a copy-cat who thought it was funny
I guess it sounds like I go to school in a really bad neighborhood, but that's not actually the case. We just have a mall filled with businesses across the street and apparently one or more immature people who think arson is amusing. They're wrong--the only thing that's funny are the jokes we make about it while waiting for class to start.


  1. Rumor #3: They start a vlog channel, "Five Notsome Arsonists".


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