Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Which I Discover My Future During English Class

"It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas." - Edwin Land

We are currently reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in my English class. I love this book, but this post is not about the book. This post is about the man who wrote it.

My quote feeds have given me a lot of Mark Twain quotes over the past two years, and I've enjoyed all of them, but I hadn't really known all that much about him until we started this unit.

The conclusion now is that in about ten years, I am going to travel back in time and marry him.

The reasoning:

  • Mark Twain's wife's name was Olivia. My name is Olivia.
  • Her family was from New York. My family is from New York.
  • According to the Wikipedia entry, through her he met  "socialists, principled atheists, and activists for women's rights and social equality." That describes my friends pretty well (we're going to ignore the logistics involved in getting all of them back in time too).
  • She was well-educated, and while I haven't been to college yet, I'm a bit ahead of most 19th century women.
  • She was his primary editor, telling him when he was going just a bit too far and doing some of the more nit-picky work. This is how I edit.
Also, their first date was to an event at which Charles Dickens was doing a reading.

So there you have it. I am sorry to inform all of you that apparently I died in 1904. Also, I got some darn good plastic surgery because that woman doesn't look anything like me. If I suddenly disappear off the face of the earth, look through everything Mark Twain ever wrote, because I'll be leaving secret messages for you. ;)

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