Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Family in One Sentence

"I want to believe that cynicism comes from loving the world too much to let it get away with less." - Rock, Paper, Cynic

Stopped in at my aunt and uncle's today and ended up chatting with my home-from-college cousin for an hour or two. I think it sums up our conversation well enough just to share what my aunt said upon her arrival: "Okay, can we discuss the current state of the humanity and the true nature of the universe while also helping bring in groceries?"

Other sentences involved in the conversation include:
"Our problem is that the world has too many people."
"We should just kill all of the Republicans."
"...Dad. Be fair."
"Okay, we should kill most of the Republicans."

(It should be noted, just to be absolutely clear, that my father was joking.)

Fall/winter always makes me happy because I get to see them a lot more often due to all of the holidays and things than I normally do. We're going back over there tomorrow to help cook pierogis, and then again Saturday to eat said pierogis. (Pierogis are delicious.)

Also, I'm eligible to take my driver's test next week. So yay for practicing three point turns and parking...ha. Yeah right.

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  1. Love your family. And good luck with the driving test. And happy holidays. :)


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