Tuesday, April 24, 2012

States 2012

Welcome to the blog of 2012's novice Lincoln Douglas debate's North Carolina state champion.

Which affects absolutely nothing other than me and my team's happiness and ego.

But really this entire weekend was essentially the greatest of my life. Tournaments are over for the year, though, so now I'm sad. Not so much for the end of the debate season as for the end of the Spending Entire Weekends With My Team.

Plans for next year include training up the best bunch of novices the world has ever seen, going to even more tournaments, and hopefully starting an Ethics Bowl team as well (which is a goal that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have a lot of friends who do Ethics Bowl, or the fact that I want to crush their teams, or the fact that some of them have a vendetta against debate. None of those things have the slightest bit of impact on my enthusiasm for this idea).

Summer plans include stalking university libraries for philosophy books and possibly going to debate camp with one of my favorite people. I am excited.

Highlights From Tournament:

Opponent: "My opponent is human and humans are not perfect therefore her argument is flawed and you should vote Aff."

Both me and the other Olivia on the team getting called communists independently of each other.

Certain members of my team singing Eye of the Tiger behind me as we walked to finals.

The rest of my team showing up for finals as my Highly Impressive and Amazing Entourage, compared to my opponent's measly self-styled mini-posse. 


  1. Wow, Ethics Bowl looks like amazing fun! I wish I had heard about it in high school/undergrad. On a related note, you are the one who read/recommended Justice by Michael Sandel, yes?

    Congratulations on your debate performance. Also, your opponent's argument deserve credit for hilarity!

    PS. I see you read The Assassin King, is that the Elizabeth Haydon book?

  2. Yes, Thank you, and Yes. :)
    I bought it at a library booksale and started reading it even though I still haven't read books 4 and 5. Apparently there was supposed to be a 7th like 3 years ago and it hasn't happened yet, right?

  3. I don't know, I re-read books 1-5 last semester(/this semester?) but I have had persistent trouble finding The Assassin King in used book stores, so finally broke down and bought it used through Amazon (which is cheating, but I've been looking for it for a long time), and only got it a week or so ago. Long story short (too late) I didn't want to start it before finals, so I haven't read it yet (although apparently The Last Herald Mage is permissible to read before finals are done, I guess because I was less emotionally invested in it and, thus, less likely to do horrible things to my sleep schedule to finish it). So, I expect to have it read by the end of next week, but as of yet, I have no reason to go searching for a book seven. Yeesh, I am no good at keeping stories concise... Anyway, I was excited to see it on your currently reading because it shall be on mine soon.


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