Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Better Than Obama (or at least snarkier)

Earlier tonight, President Obama gave an address from Afghanistan.

I only watched about half of it and have absolutely nothing to say on that topic.

I only watched about half of it because the first "real" post on Corrected Proofs had just gone up, and it was far, far more entertaining so I read that instead. I am a terrible American. Truly I am.

Corrected Proofs is a project two of my friends and I have started, and...well, I'll just let you read the About page over there. My first post is scheduled for tomorrow, but the one that's up now is genuinely hilarious--and that's an honest recommendation (not just shameless promotion of my friend/blog).

Go watch us be bitter and bask in our own cleverness.

Oh, and you know, talk about what makes high quality literature and the fact that a lot of books completely fail at achieving that standing. Something like that.


  1. This is magical.

    1. <3 If this were Facebook I would click the like button.
      That's something that has become increasingly prevalent in my life- frustration that the like button is not ubiquitous.


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