Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Which Prom Is A Thing I Talk About

You read books or watch movies or whatever and they make prom out to be this massive thing that's the pinnacle of your high school career and you look forward to it for weeks and you go to the spa and get a full-body wax because it's prom also you intend to have sex with your boyfriend so a visit to the spa is apparently necessary. Combine with stress, anxiety, and alcohol. Stir.

Or at least I've read books like that.

I am going to prom this weekend. It's nowhere near the pinnacle of my high school career, I was looking forward to this week more for my biweekly writing group than I was for prom, my "date" is my best friend so as much as I like her if any sex is had I've definitely wound up in the Twilight Zone, What is this "spa" you speak of?

Really. The extent of some prom hype is ridiculous. Yeah, I'm excited for it, and yeah, I'm sure it'll be fun,'s not the defining moment of my life, or anywhere close to it. I'm glad I'm going, wouldn't be the end of the world if I wasn't, you know? It's just a dance, plus dinner. And I have to wear heels.

Quite honestly as incredibly nerdy as it sounds the thing I've done that's come as close to what prom is "supposed" to be is the State debate championship.

Dressed up? Check.
Excited for weeks beforehand? Check.
Lots of money spent? Check.
Fantastic time with friends? Check * 100.
"Highlight" of high school experiences so far? Check.
Slept in a hotel with someone I love? Check.
Loads of pictures all over Facebook? Check.

I've got this down, man.

So just for kicks, tell me your prom stories, guys. I want to hear them. Or at least...I want to hear the stories of the few of you who are actually old enough to have been to a prom. Because I think about a third of you I'll be seeing Saturday night. :)

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