Friday, May 21, 2010

Meeting John Flanagan

Today I met John Flanagan, the author of the Ranger's Apprentice books. He traveled all the way here from Australia, and is still trying to recover from jet-lag. He also invited all of us to come over to Australia some time, because "we're one of the places in the world who likes Americans."

He talked about the origins of the books (he wrote them for his son Michael, then around 10, now in his 30s. They started out as short stories, but since then he's based the books around them), he talked about his own personal history in the writing industry, shared some anecdotes, and then answered questions.

I met a boy in line (he was maybe 9 or so) who had read all 9 of the books (9 isn't going to be published in American until October). He didn't seem to like talking to me. So I went back to my place in line.

And I got 7 of these. Pretty sweet, yes? Book 1, The Ruins of Gorlan was left at home, because the rest of them were in a bag because Emily had been borrowing them and brought them all back at once.

My dad said something about how I was a writer, and he asked me if I'd finished a book yet, and I told him yes, but I was still editing, and he gave me some advice/support. It was pretty great.

There are currently 10 books (10 is going to be published in Australia around when 9 is published here), he's editing the 11th, and there's definitely going to be a 12th. There might be more, but he doesn't have any ideas for them yet. And (and this is the part I love), he doesn't write the books just for the sake of continuing the series/making more money. He writes more only when he has an additional story to tell.

And they're making a movie of The Ruins of Gorlan. It was supposed to start filming last September, but got delayed for some reason.

Me & Emily are leaving for Lake Gaston tomorrow morning to stay with her grandparents at their lake house. It's going to be great. I had a fantastic time last time I went. Very little (meaning none, or nearly so) writing will be done by either of us, but lots of fun will be had. And I might convince her cousin (if he comes) to read Ranger's Apprentice.

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  1. Crap! It happened already? I'm always nervous about meeting authors I haven't read (RA looks SO AWESOME, I'm already "booked"). I will probably meet Cory Doctorow, so I hope to start his book soon.


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