Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Fantastic Day

Today I told thirty elementary schoolers that a writer spends most of their time sitting in a little room trying to resist the urge to go online, typing every now and then, and talking to his or herself. And in the case of Cory Doctorow, in their underwear.
They laughed at me.
They tend to talk a lot.

Today was the last meeting of the elementary school's writing club. We will probably continue next year.
Today's prompt was "Something mysterious happens during EOGs..." (EOGs are End of Grade Tests, for you home-schoolers who may or may not know). That prompt generated the best stories I've heard from them all year.

It was loads of fun.

Speaking of which, my day so far has been fantastic.


I did better on my fitness testing in gym than I thought I would.
I got a better grade on my math test than I thought I would.
I got to look up sci-fi magazines and agents in Creative Writing
Lunch was lunch. Which means it was good.
And then there was band.
And then I got to hang out with my best friend for awhile.
And then I went to writing club.
And then I got home where my other best friends (the real Matthew from "The Adventures of the Magic Bed," and his brother James) had just arrived.
And then I did some writing while talking to them.
And then I ate pizza.
And now I'm writing this.

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