Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Wow, I've been posting a lot lately.

But I have good reason this time, instead of just being bored and in possession of a topic.

Tonight I finished the first complete editing of Clockwork. Of course, as you know, different parts are in different stages of revision.

But the next stage of the operation is to grab all of my sticky notes from the depths of my binder and go through it again, obeying the Notes.

This writing magazine I get has a list of agencies and what they want in each issue, so those should be useful come July...

And unfortunately, I'm starting Driver's Ed the week of the 23rd (of June), so that'll take away time from working before the Deadline of Getting One Free Copy.

And I changed the font/spacing of Clockwork to Times New Roman double-spaced to see what would happen page-count-wise (since my Creative Writing teacher says that one page in TNR, DS, 12-point font is worth about one page in a published book), and it came out to slightly over 300. That's a decent length.

Now to read a bit of Ender's Shadow before going to bed. My god, I love that book. I suggest that you all read it ASAP, but after Ender's Game.

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