Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Which I Realize My Priorities Have Shifted

"Writer's Block - when your imaginary friends won't talk to you." -a T-shirt

Characters have the most rotten lives ever.

We make all of the worst things happen to them to invoke empathy and create tension, and then we completely abandon them for months at a time, leaving their lives at a complete standstill.

I miss writing. I have no freaking idea where the time I used to give it went.

Next weekend. Next weekend I am going to bed early and waking up early and sitting down at my kitchen table and plowing through one or two thousand words. We have two days off from school next weekend. This is going to happen. The next month of my life is going to be utterly consumed by a massive AP English project and the next big debate tournament, and then April is another big English project and the debate team is going to States, and then May is AP exams, so if it doesn't happen now, it probably won't until the summer. 
Plus, you know, all of the smaller things. Like playing Free Cell while watching mediocre science fiction TV shows.

Conclusion: There is far too much I want to do in life for the time I actually have. No one has ever come to this realization before- I'm far too profound for that.


  1. I have that, trust me. Otherwise you'd still see me in Debate.... =P And not to mention stuff I won't mention--my desires of activity are quite numerous. So you are not alone!

  2. Yeah... Well, if life weren't insanely busy we'd probably be bored.

    So... what mediocre sci-fi series?

  3. PS. I find the new Capcha text extremely insulting! "Please prove you're not a robot," as though robots are not capable of simple tasks like text recognition, it's discrimination! I almost expected to be asked if I would step on an endangered species of spider!

  4. Dollhouse- which is actually somewhat better than mediocre.

    I would change it (probably to "would you step on an endangered species of spider" xD), only I have no idea how. I will work on this.

  5. No, I'm willing to accept mediocre for Dollhouse, I expect better of Joss Whedon.


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