Monday, April 5, 2010

Rebuttle on the New Doctor Who

I'm writing this as a new post because I don't know if people read the comments.
Take note: some things I say in this post might be different from my last one, since the episode has since sunk in more and such.


I've absolutely no problem with the aliens being cheesy. Actually, when Prisoner 0 was in the form of the humans, it wasn't cheesy at all. Just the eyes and the snake.

I did notice that bit. That bit was excellent. I had to move so my back was against the wall. I agree that not all the episodes should be scary. It was just that this one started out seeming like it was going to be a scary one...and then it became progressively less so. If it had started out less scary and then built up, or the scariness had been spread out more evenly, that would have been better.

When I say (about Matt Smith as the Doctor) "I like him," I don't mean "meh." I mean I genuinely like him as the Doctor, and I think he will be quite good. During the last half, I spent a fair amount of time replying to stuff he said, which is a good sign when it comes to characters (yes, I talk to TV characters. Sorry.). Yes, he did have many great lines. My initial reaction to him was less than he deserved (see? I was wrong about my prejudice having evaporated). But he's still missing...something. Not sure what.

I didn't hate those episodes, so I don't have that reason. "The Girl In the Fireplace" is one of my favorites also. I hadn't realized Moffat wrote that one too. I haven't watched any of the old episodes (not completely, anyway-just fragments) so I don't have that either.

Oh, well, of course it's the best since Stolen Earth.

Actually, you know what? Writing this post has made me hopelessly confused as to what I actually think of the episode, so maybe all of you should just ignore me. I'll stop reviewing things, and just watch them. Okay?

But one thing is for sure: I'm really looking forward to next weekend and the new episode.


  1. no please keep reviewing them. I plan to review them as well and we can each heckle the other person's posts.

  2. Okay, but I will still wait a day or two before I do, to sort things out.


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