Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the new Doctor Who

This blog, regardless of how I originally intended it to be, is not at all professional. So I may as well tell you what I think about "The Eleventh Hour." I'll try not to spoil the plot for you.

The aliens and effects were pretty fake-looking, but that's okay. I told my dad that and he said "That means you're a true Doctor Who fan." I don't know if that's true or not, but I don't really mind. I do wish it was better, but it's okay.

The beginning, once the Doctor and Amelia went upstairs to look at the crack in the wall and stuff, was pretty tense. I was disappointed when the rest of the episode didn't follow through. Maybe Moffat didn't want to scare people off, since he's written lots of the scarier episodes in previous seasons.

As for Matt Smith as the Doctor...I like him. He's cool. I like the previous two better (so far), and don't start thinking "that's because you're not over Tennant leaving," because when the 9th Doctor regenerated, I was sad, but the first episode with the 10th completely won me over into liking him more, and this one didn't do it for me. I'm over the regeneration, and I'm making an objective judgement. Or so I think, anyways.

I like the old TARDIS better, too. I don't like the clock, and the typewriter's cool, but I like the laptop better. This TARDIS, as my sister said, is "more geometric," so it's less plant-like, which is one of the things I liked about the old one. I love the mention of the library and swimming pool at the beginning.

And what was up with those eyes? I thought they would be so creepy...and then they weren't, which pretty much sums up the episode. Stuff would be scary...and then it wasn't. Like the comatose people talking. It was reminding me of "The Empty Child" (and that and "The Doctor Dances," in my opinion, are some of the most terrifying episodes, except for "Midnight"), and then that aspect of it was sort of dropped.

Amy's obsession with the Doctor when she was younger makes me slightly worried for their relationship in the future, but I think it'll be alright. Amy's probably gotten over it by now, and even if she hasn't, I bet she can hide it until she does.

(Warning: slight spoiler coming up)

When I saw the wedding dress, I was afraid she'd made dolls of herself marrying the Doctor, which made me think "oh no," but then it turned out to be okay. Was she marrying the nurse, or the other guy (Jeff?)?

(end of spoilery)

I love the "I'm definitely a mad man with a box."

The old theme song was better.

So in short, I liked the episode, but thought it could have been better, I don't hate the new Doctor, and I'm excited for the rest of the season.

Now go into the comments and start disagreeing with me.

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  1. okay, I have to disagree with you on several points. First, the aliens didn't really strike me as cheesy, but cheesy aliens aren't unheard of at all in Doctor Who. I.E. first DW episode I ever watched the aliens were bubble wrap spray painted green)

    Second, the episode was not supposed to be scary like Blink or the Doctor Dances. If Moffat terrified us every week it wouldn't be cool anymore it would just be boring. There was one really scary cool bit though, which you might not have noticed. But when Amelia runs up the stairs to pack you can see in the background that the door that the Doctor says that Prisoner 0 is hiding in is open. The camera doesn't focus on it but you can see it in the background.

    Third, I love Tennant, I have two posters of him on my wall, he is my favorite Doctor of all time. But I thought Matt Smith was wonderful. He switched between being hilarious and yelling at people who really needed to be yelled at. He had so many great lines, "I'm definitely a mad man with a box" "And What Happened to Them" and my all time favorite "Who Da Man"

    The main reason I liked it is this, I hated the End of Time part 1, The Next Doctor, and the Planet of the Dead(one of the worst in years only saved by Tennant and his co-star). Last years episodes had some of the worst writing Doctor Who has ever experienced. If Tennant wasn't in them they would have been horrific. Moffat has written some of the best episodes of all time, Blink, The Doctor Dances, the Girl In the Fireplace(one of my favorites) and he has brought good writing back to Doctor Who. What the episode needed to do was shuffle in Matt Smith as the doctor and it did. I normally don't like the New Doctor episodes, because the doctor normally spends must of it lying in bed while his companions do everything, the 11th Hour was the best new doctor episode that I've ever seen.

    The episode next week has new villains called "The Smilers". The one the week after has Daleks meeting Winston Churchill. Then there's a two-parter with River Song and Weeping Angels. Then there's one called Amy's Choice which is described on TardisWiki this way "It's been five long years since Amy travelled in the Tardis with the mysterious Doctor - and when he shows up again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, danger is not far behind him. Amy is faced with a heartbreaking choice that will change her life forever that means someone will have to die."

    The only negative in my mind about it is Amy Pond, I'm not totally sold on her yet. And the new theme song is weird and I'm also not sold on that yet either. So two negative things. In short, the best doctor who since Stolen Earth.


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