Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The End is HERE!

I finished the first draft of The Clockwork Experiment!!!!!!!!!!

The thought of finishing was infinitely better than actually finished, though. Now all I can think about is the editing and how much more I have to do before the book itself is actually done.


My dad told me I need to start reading Snow Crash this morning. I told him there are 33 minutes left of this morning (which there was at the time). I said "I have only one sentence left before I am done with the first draft of my book and you will let me write it!" Of course, then he grabbed my wrists so I couldn't type.

But I got it written. Ha.

But now I should probably go play Super Smash Bros. with my cousins. My parents don't want me on the computer all day.


  1. Nope, but I'll read about 10 pages next Wednesday, and then edit & email the next 40 or so.


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