Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Writers Drink Coffee...I Drink Iced Tea

I wasn't going to do Script Frenzy. And then I was. And then I wasn't. And then I was. And then I wasn't. And now I'm sort of going to. Mostly not.
I'm not going to write a script, so in that sense, not.
I am, however, going to (hopefully) type 100 pages of script in April. Two of my friends and I wrote a play last year (technically, I did most of the actual writing, but they told me what to say), and I never typed it up. I hate typing up long things. It's so daunting. But SF will hopefully give me the motivation I need to commit that play to the wonderful world of Digital Existence.
It's called The Other Oz, and can be described as Very Stupid and Very Awesome, but Mostly Just Stupid. It's a parody of The Wizard of Oz, that tries (and usually fails) to make fun of lots of different stuff. The writing is bad. The characters are bad. The humor is bad. It's generally very, very bad. And I'm not just saying that. It is a piece of crap. We were bored, and that is what happened.
But I like it anyway, because of the nostalgia it brings and such.
Bonus: since I'm cheating and not writing a new script, it doesn't matter that I already have some of it typed. Ha. I am ahead.
Obviously, I won't consider myself a winner of Script Frenzy if I do manage to type up that much. I just need an excuse to type the stupid thing up.
Despite how undeniably bad it is, if you want to read it, I'll post it to the Google Group once I'm done. (For my fictitious readers who are not in my writing club, too bad for you. You don't get to read it.)

In other news, I read Doctor Who: Ghosts of India, which was enjoyable. The Doctor is very much a Gandhi Fan-Man, which isn't at all surprising. What is funny is that the feeling was reciprocated. They got along very well.
Continuing my rampage through the sci-fi section of my bookshelf, I'm now re-reading Ender's Game for the first time in about three years (Dad read it to me during mid-elementary school, censoring out the language, I read it again in either late elementary school or early middle school, and then again in middle school). It's just as awesome as I remembered. See, I never read Speaker For The Dead. I thought Ender's Shadow was the second book in the series, not the first in the Bean books. So I'm sort of missing out on material there. I've read 4 of the 8 books, but not either complete set.
Also, Dad and I are reading John Green's Paper Towns to each other, which is also very awesome. There's some parts that are slightly awkward to read together, but we're getting through them.

In other other news,
I've been thinking about my last post...and I might have to let you read bigger chunks after all. There's no way we can get through the entire thing in a reasonable amount of time when I bring in about 10 pages every other week. We wouldn't be done until 2011, probably, unless I read longer bits, but that wouldn't be fair to the rest of you, so I can't do that. So I'll edit longer passages during the time in-between meetings and post them for you to read. Then it's down to you guys to give feedback up to your usual standards... :)
The way things are going now, I'll probably get to 80,000 words by the end of the month as planned. (I reached 75,000 today).
April, in addition to typing The Other Oz, is Finish First Draft Month, May and June are Major Editing/Revising, I'll order my free copy by the end of June, and then I'll do more fixing while sending out letters... Exciting, yes? I just hope I can actually manage it. Everything looks so simple and easy in my imagination, but I bet it'll be a lot more difficult to actually pull it off.

But in the meantime, I'm sitting here with this unbelievable slow laptop that is sort of mine specifically for the purposes of Writing Downstairs, eating Girl Scout Cookies and drinking iced tea while my neighbors and family play basketball outside.
Today has been a good day, both productivity and food-wise. (Also: biscuits for breakfast. Yum.)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Dashing of dreams?

Also: a teaser from what I wrote today: "liquid intestine"

The funny thing about the title of this post is, well, I actually rarely drink iced tea. We didn't have any lemonade in the house today.


  1. I once wrote three movie scripts. The first was based on a dream a friend of mine had about the last supper. I turned it into a political comedy in which Pilate was a corrupt politician who said "I love lobbyists" and Jesus was George W. Bush.
    The second was a SNL like script about a Presidential Election in which various famous Talking heads take part in Election Night Coverage.
    The third was a murder mystery in which the girlfriend of an abusive Congressman is murdered by the police officer in charge of the case.

    The second was terrible, the first was pretty funny, and the third was okay. I look forward to reading The Other Oz and hearing more of the Clockwork Experiment(hint hint)

  2. I don't know which is funnier: what you said about the first one, or the fact that said information is based off a dream your friend had...
    **goes to print another 10 pages or so**
    Thanks for reminding me. Now I have something more useful to do than watching last night's Simpsons episode on Hulu (I'm at my grandma's right now, so there's really not much for me to do until I get home).


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