Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pink Nation- Lyrics!

One thing I've learned today: songs need considerable editing just like novels and short stories do. Unfortunately, it's the story I need edited for class by tomorrow, not the song. Guess which one I finished.

Without further ado...

Pink Nation


There's just one country that's the best in everything
We've got people on both ends of the string
We've got the fattest, we've got the thinnest
We've got the slobbiest, and we've got the trimmest
both sucking up money in a vortex of greed
Keeping from people the things that they need


And there's one kind of people the others don't have at all
We've got loads of them and they are Pinks
They've got their big pink faces
And their pink sunburns
From fat, blush, and tanning
They never learn
It's a Pink Nation
Pink Nation all around
Pink Nation
Pink Nation plummeting toward the ground


We eat and work and argue, and laze around the house
When the weekend comes, we don't get off the couch
We've got the strongest, we've got the weakest
We've got the boldest, and we've got the meekest
Zombified by stupid shows like the Marriage Ref
I can't help but think "WTF?"



Pink nation, pink nation
At least we've got a space station
But also CEOs in mansions with loads of free time
While Hatians sit on streets with barely a dime
There's both good and bad in the USA, I find
But it's the worldsuck that's making me lose my mind


Segregation coming back in schools to save about an hour
The Board's appeasing parents to remain in power
Gravity of culture's dragging all of us down
Lack of moral motivation turning smiles into frowns
Sports pumped with money while academics get less
Won't even get to try hard physics tests


Currently the most important order of business regarding this: does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should change the lyrics?

And do you want to write the music? My composing skills are...let's just say that it's questionable as to whether or not they even exist. :)

(Update since I got home and am now finishing the post). I tried to figure out the music...but I ended up accidentally figuring out the choruses to two of the songs on This Machine Pwns Noobs. It's when I attempt to write music that I feel like a creative failure...anyways.


That's the line that marks the space where I change topics completely. Why make another post when this one will work just as well?

I started reading the last of the galleys I have today: The Ghosts of Ashbury High.
 It's amazing. I love it. The story is told through 4(?) different students' final exams in Gothic Fiction (the assignment is to write a memoir exploring the topic of first impressions using their knowledge of gothic fiction). Three of them are writing about the same thing, while the other is ignoring the "personal memoir" part and retelling the true (true, as in, within the fiction of the book) story of a guy in 1806. I have a feeling this story hooks up with the main one later on...

Time for dinner. Fajitas and yellow rice. Yum.

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