Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink Nation- Where I Get Many of My Ideas

I was going to include this with the last post, but it is about an entirely different topic, so I am making a new one.
Last night I had a dream that Hank Green (of the vlogbrothers, and also my favorite musical artist) came to the elementary school I have mentioned before to do a show. He was teaching me and a bunch of other people (who in real life don't even know of his existence) how to play his songs. There was an entire band, including guitars, ukeleles, trumpets...
I didn't have any music, because I was playing guitar. He told me the chord progression (C-F-G-A), and started passing out music to the other people. I didn't recognize the song we were playing, which was weird because I have heard every single one of his songs except for the ones he is still working on.
I looked at the music of someone near me, and saw that the song was called "Pink Nation." This is not a song Hank has ever written. That made me more confiused.
The alarm went off. I woke up with chords and a song title in my head- a song that does not exist.
Needless to say, I have begun writing the song.

Most of my ideas for creative works (be it song or story) are either leftover from a dream, or something that came to me in the evening when I was almost asleep. Clockwork was like this. Parts of When The Sun Was In Your Hair (which, yes, is just psychotherapy, but some of the more story bits) were like this. The first wizard rock song I ever wrote (and best, so I believe), "Red-Headed Lament," was like this. Several other things probably were too, but I can't think of them right now.
Speaking of waking up with things in my head, one time it was a word: "ergo." I didn't know what it meant. I had never heard it before. I looked it up, and it turned out to be a Latin word. It means "therefore." I use it fairly often now. There's no point with this story about that word-- it's just an interesting thing I felt like telling you.

The point is: sleep/almost sleep is good for being creative. The first chapter of Clockwork, which I believe to be the best part of it, was written at midnight, when I needed sleep. I planned on going to sleep in 15 minutes. My brain was preparing for it. Maybe it's because the subconscious is coming to the forefront in preparation for dreams, and maybe it's just because my logical mind is relaxing and shutting down for the night, but it works. That's where I get many of my ideas. Perhaps I'll share "Pink Nation" with you once it's finished.


  1. Awesome chord progression. Try it on the guitar capoed III. I'm going to start trying to write it too. When I get a #1 with it I'll claim I wrote it.

    On a more serious note post the lyrics when you're done and I'll try and play it. Maybe we could do it together sometime.

  2. Thanks, butI don't know what "capoed III" means...
    Okay. If you write it, you will have wrote it, so go ahead and claim that. :)

    This gives me motivation to finish the song... Maybe I'll go do that now.

    Just because I can play guitar doesn't mean I know much about it. Self-taught, remember?
    But yeah, that would be fun, assuming it turns out alright, whichever of us ends up writing the actual song.


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