Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Victory of the Daleks

Of course the Daleks had to come back. They always do. I like the spin of them pretending to work for Britain to lure the Doctor there. But why are the new, better ones different colors? That kinda bothers me. The white one made me think of Stormtroopers, which matched the very Star Wars-esque action scene. The Dalek jump to Hyperspace looked an awful lot like the jump to light-speed, too.
I'm sure the Doctor would have blown up the TARDIS if necessary...but I guessed from the first that the "self destruct" was a piece of food.
It's really a mark of how much he's become "better" that he was originally willing to blow up Gallifrey to destroy the Daleks...but couldn't do it again (with Earth).
The bit with the TARDIS key was great.

And, I'm finishing this post several days later, so I have no idea what I was planning on saying after that. Sorry.

Another crack in time! 

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