Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So the wrock concert tonight had its good points and its bad points (one of the good points being Lauren Fairweather in her entirety), but the best part, I thought, was getting to talk to the other attendees afterwards.
For instance, I met Aly IRL (I can say that and expect you to easily find out who I mean, since the follower list is still so small-- one of the perks of being un-famous), which was simultaneously very weird and very awesome and way less awkward than I would have expected it to be. 
I also got to talk to someone else whose name I thought I remembered but then when I looked her up on Facebook couldn't find...but she goes to the school I almost had to go to before I got my transfer. We talked about The Life of Pi, which she had with her. I need to re-read that book.

Hannah remarked to me that nerds tend to be incredibly friendly, and if we just took over the world, then everything would be better and we'd have world peace.
It occurs to me now that the creators of Google and Facebook sort of have taken over the world...but yes, nerds are incredibly friendly when in a social situation they find comfortable.
So meeting/talking to those people was the best part of the evening for me.

In reference to the "never got into (Nerdfighteria) because (he) didn't want to be part of the John Green cult" comment I happened to overhear- there are actually a fair amount of Nerdfighters who like neither John nor his books. Just because I'm not one of those people doesn't mean they don't exist. It's about decreasing worldsuck and increasing the amount of awesome and being tolerant and helping people and imaging each other complexly. Video-watching and GreenBrother-Idolizing is not by any means required. Being a nerdfighter isn't about what you do-- it's about what you are, if that makes any sense.


  1. Meeting you was fun! Awkward first means live up to expectations xD
    This one wasn't as good as the summer one. I dunno, the atmosphere at Library vs. Bookstore seems to be a factor in the quality. It's sometimes really hard to meet people at such things, but sometimes it's really super-easy. Oh well.
    Yay for nerdfighters/Wrockers in the area!
    (And now, I'm going to bed. I'm so exhausted after SO MUCH DRIVING.)

  2. Yeah, the summer ones were definitely much better.
    All of that driving must have sucked. Glad it was worth it, though.

  3. That sounds like it was awesome!

    And yeah, I'm a nerdfighter, but I don't fangirl over John. Well, I still fangirl over hank. Oh well xP

  4. My initial reaction was to write "who DOESN'T fangirl over Hank?" and then I realized that saying that sort of subverted my point...Whoops.


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