Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Post That's Actually About Writing

“Creating things because you think they’re awesome is always a good thing to do for your future. That is undeniable, because if you think they’re awesome then other people are going to think they’re awesome too… There’s nothing wrong with doing stuff just because it’s awesome. In fact, there’s everything right with doing stuff just because it’s awesome.” - Hank Green

Today I was flipping through the college emails (they're still coming 1-3 per day), and I found one that actually seemed different from the others in a tangible way-- one that made me go "OOH!"
Then I looked at the estimated price per year...and it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
However, there's always scholarships and stuff, and I don't actually have to worry about it for another 1-1.5 years! 
I'm just thinking about it now because, well, my inbox is full of it.

But today I received my first writing-based check (still can't publicly announce what it's for yet, unfortunately-- hopefully I can tell you later this month), which brings my total amount of money made from my writing up to an amount that is more than the six bucks I've made off of Thoughts on Life (now there's a product that's brought in a lot of revenue).
By the way, if you're one of those people-- or if you just borrowed a copy from me-- which pieces did you like the best? I won't pretend that they're my best work, as again, it was just created as a present for my grandma, but I'd still like to hear your Thoughts (That's a pun. I'm funny.)

This check was a one-time thing, though-- more of a commission rather than royalties. 

However, that's still pretty freaking awesome.

The Agent Whose Name I Am Afraid To Mention Out of Fear of Jinxing It still has The Clockwork Experiment...and I may be semi-stalking her on Twitter...

I'll see some of you at the concert tomorrow. **excited** 


  1. Congrats on earning some money for your writing. I know you can't talk about it yet, but I hope you'll reveal what it was for when it comes time. I'm rolling along with my own writing, but I can't see any profit coming from it for a while (no matter how many lit mags I get published it, haha).

    Good luck with your manuscript! :)

  2. Oh, you can be sure that I'll post the very moment I get the okay (which means whenever they post about it).
    And thanks!


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