Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Do We Write?

"There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses." - George Bernard Shaw

This was recently re-posted on Rick Riordan's blog. I enjoyed it a lot.

Personally, I write because I love it. Sometimes I do it because I'd go crazy otherwise, and sometimes I do it for the sheer joy and satisfaction.
Yes, I want to be published and have the satisfaction of seeing my name on the shelf when I walk over to Barnes and Noble after school, and yes, I want to make money off of my writing...but those are all just bonuses. Those are reasons why I want to be published. It's not why I write.

Besides, if I didn't write, I never would have met all of you lovely people from writing group and/or in the comments.

While rehearsing my piece for the Debate/Speech tournament (it's "In The Maelstrom," which you can find in my self-published anthology Thoughts on Life) on the 12th and 13th, the teacher acting as our coach asked me if I had written it out of some sort of depression or angst.
He also kept asking about the message I'd been going for when I wrote it.

I was incredibly unhelpful and told him that I honestly hadn't been going for anything, nor did it spawn from any particular emotion. I just felt like picking up a pencil and scribbling some stuff down, and that poem is what happened.

was, however, perpetually living at some level of misery during those years known as Middle School, which is when I wrote it. Does that count?

It's become decidedly more awesome now that I've been working on it in a performance capacity. I hope to get a video of it at some point, instead of just me talking to the camera after each round like I did last time we had a tournament.

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