Monday, February 14, 2011

"If you need to be reminded to like your romantic're doing it wrong" - John Green

I'm too exhausted from the debate tournament that took place all weekend to provide much interesting insight on that quote, unfortunately.

Yeah, it's Valentine's Day and I'm single, but since all I feel like doing is sleeping, I can't be bothered to care about that right now either. HA.

The tournament was utterly amazing, though, and Duke's campus is gorgeous and so, so cool. We spent most of our time in THE GREAT HALL. I didn't make finals in my event, but I didn't expect to due to the abstract and totally bizarre nature of my piece. I had a fun time doing it, but I'm ready to move on to a new, more sensical bit of literature. I'm thinking Looking for Alaska.

One of our Public Forum (partner debate) teams made it to semi-finals despite one member throwing up half an hour before it started (we're not sure why--we don't think it was nerves), and probably would have made it to finals too if not for a desperate-yet-effective move on their opponents' part regarding one of their sources. It was a valid source, but they didn't have a print-out with them, so they lost. The topic was whether or not Wikileaks is a threat to U.S. national security, and each team has to argue both pro and con over the course of the tournament.

Everyone keeps telling me that I should enter a debate event instead of speech, and I've told them that I was waiting for the right topic. I found my topic.

The Policy Debate (still trying to figure out what that is, but I know that it's also a two-person team thing) topic for the 2011-2012 school year involves space exploration. That's something I'm interested in. 

So there you have it.

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