Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome To April

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration." - Ansel Adams. I love that.

Back in December I wrote a post that was rather cruel towards the spirit of Christmas. I regretted this post hours after I put it up, and possibly took it down afterwards. However, I meant what I said at the time, and I wasn't happy.

But the feelings depicted in that post are nothing compared to the hatred I have for April 1st, and I hate it for a few reasons.

  1. There is usually a span of 30 seconds where I fall for a given joke/prank/lie, during which I am either very excited, very angry, very confused, or any combination of the above. Then I remember the date and just feel kind of stupid. This is not fun.
  2. It's the one day of the year when it's considered perfectly acceptable to tell lies just to see other people's reactions. This is usually considered manipulative and other derogatory adjectives I would rather not use. But for some reason it's considered to be okay today. I tend not to think that some socially-frowned-on things should be suddenly accepted just because everyone's doing it at once. Halloween doesn't count, because you just leave your lights off if you don't want kids asking for candy so hopefully no one will bother you.
  3. You can't trust anything anyone says. If it's a personal thing ("I'm pregnant!") chances are it's a lie (and if it's not, they just have to learn to pick better days to announce such things), but when it comes to news they're reporting ("Warner Brothers pushed back the Harry Potter date AGAIN!") there's really no knowing, and then you have to go look it up before saying anything (yes, Hannah, I had to do this.) You figure it's most likely a joke, but if Person In Question is reacting just the way they would if it were don't know.
But today is also a couple other things. It's the start of Script Frenzy, for one. So, readers: are you participating in that, what's your script about, and how's it coming?

Today is also the first day of BEDA (Blog Every Day in April). I'm not officially participating in this event either, mainly because it isn't that impressive of a feat for me since I blog almost every day anyway, so I'm not going to bother committing to it. However, I'm glad some people do, because it means there are lots more lovely posts waiting for me in my Google Reader every day.

And speaking of BEDA, and my last post, and the interview with Alan's the link to Alan's first BEDA post which is basically his take on the same thing Kenny and I have been talking about, although I don't think he reads either of us.


  1. I never lie; this doesn't count, and I have harmed no one....

  2. Oh man, if only a rock star like Alan Lastufka read my blog!

    Anyway, I agree about April Fools, I know all the Serenity is coming back news is just a joke, but WHY would someone make such a hurtful joke?

    I did BEDA last August on my Ning blog, but considering how school-busy April can be, how much more polished I prefer my Blogger posts to be, and just how lazy I am, it is probably best for me to abstain from this one.

  3. I have BEDA as my goal every day of every month so forget the "A". I didn't know it was happening so if I succeed in doing this, it's only by pure coincidence.

    Interestingly enough, April Fool's seems to dwindle a bit as I get older. But I am not immune. I have been duped nearly every year. I think two years ago, I even forwarded a news article with a "OH MY GOD" comment, only for someone to tell me publicly (it was FB after all) that it was a joke. So not only did I fall for it but I let my entire FB community in on my gullibility.

  4. Ah, that's some sort of show, yes? (Two to be answered).

  5. Yes, a sci-fi/western by Joss Whedon. If you have any proclivity toward watching fictional television whatsoever I recommend you check it out.

  6. Ooh, Dr. Horrible -guy? He's great.

  7. ... yep, Dr. Horrible -guy. If you get time I also recommend Buffy, but that's a much bigger time investment than Firefly.

  8. Oh yes, already planning on it. =) Unlike most Americans, I don't watch enough TV.

  9. I have yet to finish Firefly, but it's amazing. As is Buffy.
    And Danny, Serenity is a movie spin-off of Firefly.


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