Saturday, July 2, 2011

"And Sometimes There's A Third Even Deeper Layer..."

"Opinions are like noses. Everybody has one, they are different, and some are quite remarkable." - A Comment I Found On A Random Article I Was Reading

Funnily enough, immediately after writing the weed post, I went out into my grandma's art studio and colored with crayons with my sisters and cousin. After drawing a picture of something resembling either a tiki head or an african mask (or as my sister said, "your picture is really cultural." Great.), I thought I'd color the wrappers of crayons different colors.

They laughed at me. 

I told them I was making an artistic statement. Theoretically, the alternate colors would confuse the drawer, thereby making them unsure of what they were getting just judging by appearances. Basically, a rationalization for my art. Not that it needed one- I found it amusing.

Cut to a few minutes later, when my eldest younger sister picks up a crayon I had not touched and asks me "Is this one of the trick ones?"

So apparently pointing out examples of people crayons that don't match up with visual/label-based expectations makes people automatically put more thought into what might be on the inside.


  1. Is the third, deeper, layer exactly like the surface one? Anyway, couldn't you tell what color the crayon is by, well, looking at what color the crayon is? I love philosophy (and your metaphor), but sometimes I think I should have just been an engineer...

  2. Haha, no it's not. I just needed a title.

    And as for looking a the crayon..."It's not a perfect metaphor." Oh snap.


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