Sunday, July 10, 2011

Questions On Life

"Common and cliche are different." - my friend Not Very Charming while we were discussing a writing project I'm working on

Hey, remember that book of poetry, short stories, and essays/blog posts I compiled called "Thoughts On Life" which I've never spoken highly of yet still wanted you to buy?

Last month I compiled a sequel, "Questions On Life" (title courtesy of my grandma), which is of self-proclaimed considerably higher quality than the first volume. I'm honestly proud of it, while I'm ashamed of a lot of the stuff in the first one. (I'm fantastic at marketing. I intend to pursue it as a career.)

Writing club people, you've read almost none of the poetry, most of the short stories, and all of the included blog posts (of which there are maybe 6) you bothered to read.
Everyone else...just the blog posts and essays, I think.

If you were so inclined so as to spend some of your money on it, here is the link.

And because I like you all so much, you can use this code: UJ39B6VQ to get $2 off the listed price.

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