Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Love to Procrastinate

“Everything you do is a combination of success and failure. There is no absolute success and failure. There is no moment in which you complete the mission and say, “Ah! I am done! Thank you,” because the mission is never complete because the mission is your life and it only completes when you die.” - Hank Green

“True love will triumph in the end. Which may or may not be true, but if it’s a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.” -John Green

Well, my NaNo morale is heading downhill fast. This book sucks. I'm inadvertently skipping over all of the interesting parts people actually want to hear about and I actually want to write about in favor of moving the plot along, since I've got a good bit of story left and don't want it to end up too long.
This is one thing I am not looking forward to editing.

So once again, I am writing a blog post instead of writing or working on homework.

Example: Yesterday, I would write about a hundred words, enter the new number into my spreadsheet, play a round of a word game on Facebook, and then repeat the cycle. Needless to say, it took a very long time to get the 1667 done for the day.

17 days, 18,000 words left.

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