Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Succession of Worthwhile NaNo Links

Kristina Horner posted an excerpt from her NaNoWriMo novel today. It's hilarious.

An agent whose blog I follow (the one who critiqued my query letter for me), tweeted this next link to "The Fantasy Novelist's Exam," detailing all of the things aspiring fantasy writers should avoid. While I knew most of them already, it still amused me greatly. Especially the last two questions and the one about Robert Jordan.

Last and MOST DEFINITELY NOT least, is the Office of Letter's and Light (those behind NaNoWriMo)'s post Yes, me. I opened up Google Reader and saw my own name staring back at me. Awesome.

So I have about 800 words minimum to write for today...


  1. I came here, hoping you had a new entry to read, because I'd already read the story from OLL. :)

    Happy writing!

  2. Congratulations on being featured! I loved the fantasy author's quiz, despite the numerous cracks they take at the Dragonlance Chronicles. Now I want to write a novel just to work in a bit about a good stew taking hours, "but who said anything about your stew being good?" That desire should probably also disqualify me from writing a fantasy novel. And in regards to them laughing at a crack team of warriors taking a bard, have they not heard of news reporters embedded along with troops?


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