Friday, June 3, 2011

Epic Doodle Game

"Judge not thy woodwind sisters, for you all have the same Director." - Rules For Brass Players, Volume XXI

Let it be noted that band people are amazing. If there's one thing I am going to miss about the end of the school year, it will be hanging out with all of them (although I'll actually see several of them for various things).

I'm sure all of the cheap restaurants near school love exam week, because all of the underclassmen are buying their food too. (I've gone out both days so far, and my chem teacher is buying us pizza next week).

After said band exam this morning, seven or so of us were sitting around and decided to create an Epic Doodle together. (This entails everyone choosing three colored pencils and then passing around a piece of paper, taking turns drawing. It began with seven stick figures.)

This is what happened:

The TARDIS is obvious, of course, but there's also Pokemon and Portal references, a ferret that shoots lightning, a man who regenerated into the Hulk version of our director, the Doctor, and a radioactive teddy bear in a protective bubble. Among other things.

And no, I'm not exactly sure what "Angles rule" is supposed to mean, but there you have it. (We did two other pages, but this one is the best.)

Anyone want to make up a story as to what's happening (and why)?

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  1. In the beginning, there were seven... but their names aren't important. After all, the Doctor's already up to 11, and they don't even have a name. Then, the tree of fire became a mushroom cloud, irradiating the scene. This bestowed superpowers unto all present. This quickly became chaos with the appearance of the TARDIS, closely followed by the LASER-ferret. Then Blacky the Black Naked Ninja (note: I did not create this character, and any offense taken at the name should be directed towards the next ginger with man-boobs you meet) appeared on a time-traveling ninja star. Also part of a tree. His ninja stars began their reign of havoc, and many of the drawings took protective measures, such as the newly-radioactive bear trapping herself in a protective bubble of pinkosity.
    This combination of ninja stars and gaping plot holes somehow caused Ruben Tobias, mild-mannered nuclear terrorist, to transform into MINICK HULK, the soft and fleshy manifestation of... something or other on earth. The MINICK HULK commanded that all should play short or face THE SIGH OF DEVASTATION. However, Blacky and Cymber's LASER-ferret resented this, and accordingly attacked him. Blacky threw his time-traveling ninja stars, and the ferret blasted him with purple lasers. This served to thoroughly infuriate him, as the lasers reacted with the mexican he had eaten for lunch to create Pikachu. So he summoned the power of FIRE OF ETERNAL GLORY to lightning the ninja and the ferret. And then... um... um... then...

    **looks at drawing again**

    Hey, look, a turtle!


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