Sunday, November 8, 2009

A La Procrastination Station

I have been NaNoWriMoing my face off all weekend. I am tired. I just want to sleep. I also have English homework to do. I need to write another 850 words by the end of today in order to reach my personal goal of 25,000. That's halfway to the end of the word goal, but not nearly half of my novel.
I have been eating candy today.
I don't want to write anymore right now. I want to go do something else. 10,000 words in two days is a time-consuming endeavor.
So I am making this blog post as a way to procrastinate. There's only 850 left, but at this stage of the story that is going to be a very arduous 850 full of contemplative words and insightful dialogues.
If only the human body could preform a massive mitosis (yep, I was doing Biology HW earlier as well) so there would be two of me. One could write and the other could sleep. Yes. Then we would merge back after the other one finished the 25000.
Actually, I think I will abandon the Internet entirely for an hour or so. Yes. Goodbye.

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