Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday's Quote

"Change your thoughts and you change your world." -Norman Vincent Peale

So, so true; from a metaphysical standpoint as well as from a practical one. Thank you, Mr. Peale.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is a land, in a far off place and time. It is called Ishaera. The people in the kingdom love their King, but they used to have another one. They used to have a Queen as well as their beloved King Cerdic. Queen Ethelwyn left the kingdom after the first war with the Mercians and returned to her kingdom beneath the sea, leaving behind only her daughter, Princess Sierra Witherwind. Sierra, although she grew up with her father, is utterly her mother at heart. She is a sea elf.

Now the Mercians are coming again, and Sierra must realize her true power and fully become the Sea Storm of legend, the personification of the storm that brought the mythical Flood.
Aided by her six hand maidens, The Wind, The Fog, The Currents, The Foam, The Rain, and The Thunder, she must prepare for war and, at the same time, reconcile her parents, for only then will they be able to resist the Mercian onslaught.

Meanwhile, deep beneath the waves, her true love Eodred has been brought by The Wind, Fog, Foam, and Currents, to train under the Queen to become the seventh and most powerful of the godlike beings that serve Sierra; the Lightning.

Even though they are on the brink of war, can the two lovers bear to be apart, will the Ishaeran Army be ready in time, and when Sierra's power is taken from her, can they retrieve it in time for a battle even greater than the one that destroyed their predecessors?

The Other Oz

Far away, in a mystical realm called Oz, there once came a little girl named Dorothy. She was from Kansas, and with the help of her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion, she made it back home. The end.

But what if that was just the cover up?
What if that story was the Disney remake of a horrible tale worthy of the Brothers Grimm?
What if Dorothy was a boy from outer space, come to take over the world?
What if the dog's real name was Otod, and he was possessed by demons?
What if, instead of being a good witch, Glinda is actually a sorceress in the employ of the greatest thief lord ever to roam the land?
What if the Tin Woodman wasn't actually tin; what if it was aluminum?
Who IS this mysterious G.W.B.? And why is he always combing the air in front of his chin?

The Other Oz: a parody, a truthful telling, and a riot. Collaboratively written with "Tobi Tobi" and "Quest Dawn", this is the byproduct of a year of afternoons in an elementary school's teacher's lounge.

Today's Quote of the Day

Hey, there's going to be one today after all! Sorry that I didn't include it in the poem post (I hadn't checked my Google Reader yet).

"The problem with any unwritten law is that you don't know where to go to erase it." - Glaser and Way

It's difficult to change things when they aren't exactly tangible (although there are most certainly ways to do it, as Rose finds out in When The Sun Was In Your Hair). That's part of our problem. There's things we know are wrong, and we would like to change them (at least on some level), but it is not a procedure or policy or group of people that needs the changing. It is our collective mindset. Or, as puts it, our thought bubbles.
That YouTube channel is an excellent one that I recommend to everyone.

Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. However, there is nothing in either Islam or the government's laws against it. Women are severely punished if they do drive somewhere. Fortunately, the King is willing to change this. Unfortunately, because there is technically nothing wrong with them driving, it will be difficult to do.

Just something to think about.

Maybe I will try to provide daily quotes. Or at least daily ones on the weekends. We will see.

Poem In Process

I started writing this poem back in July, and never got around to finishing it. It's related to the piece I'm going to write for National Novel Writing Month. I think it still counts, seeing as the website said "no complete sentences" are to be written prior to November, and a poem is just phrases.

Here it is:

Flick of a tail
Flash of the eyes
Dark of the female
The witch's cat cries

Around corner of street
Dashing cloak hem is seen
Asphalt on bare feet
The night's silent queen

Checking behind her
Cat at her heels
Not frightened as they were
At the altar she kneels

I know that in the "cover art" question, I said that she would have semi-high heeled boots, but feet rhymes with street. She will have boots, because the area she lives in at the time of the story is rather dangerous to go around without shoes in.

I may continue the poem, and I may not. Right now, that is what I have.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shelfari Widget!

I've just installed the Shelfari widget. Now you can all see what I'm reading. I try to keep it updated...

Now, about Shelfari: Shelfari is a website on which you have a book shelf. Your shelf is organized into three categories: what you plan on reading, what you are reading, and what you have read. You add books to your shelf simply by searching for them and then clicking "add". When that book's status changes, click on "Edit" to update it with things like your review of the book and stuff.

You can make friends with people, too. It's like a social network for book lovers. Fun, right? (I think so!)
The problem is, that I have read far too many books to take the time and add all of them. So I just add as I go. If I finish one book in a series, I add the rest of them as well.

Enjoy my mini shelf!


Greetings, Friends

Hello, Hola, and Chow. Even though that's not how you spell it.

This blog is not for the purpose of me rambling about stuff. Although there is a chance I may ramble. This is for me to alert peoples about book-related things. And interesting things. And generally me rambling on about cool stuff while apologizing for the fact that I'm not sticking to the topic.
So. Quote of the Day (which I will NOT have every day)

"The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think." -Edwin With A Long Last Name That Starts With A S.

I will be adding little widgety things as I go. I hope to get a Shelfari widget so you can all see what I am reading. That should be good.

For info on the books, and for other stuff pertaining to this, go to

That's my site. I'll try to mostly post everything in both places, but most likely information will be here. And so Huzzah.

And I'm running out of ideas as to what to write here. I'm a writer who can't write blog posts. Wonderful.