Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shelfari Widget!

I've just installed the Shelfari widget. Now you can all see what I'm reading. I try to keep it updated...

Now, about Shelfari: Shelfari is a website on which you have a book shelf. Your shelf is organized into three categories: what you plan on reading, what you are reading, and what you have read. You add books to your shelf simply by searching for them and then clicking "add". When that book's status changes, click on "Edit" to update it with things like your review of the book and stuff.

You can make friends with people, too. It's like a social network for book lovers. Fun, right? (I think so!)
The problem is, that I have read far too many books to take the time and add all of them. So I just add as I go. If I finish one book in a series, I add the rest of them as well.

Enjoy my mini shelf!


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