Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is a land, in a far off place and time. It is called Ishaera. The people in the kingdom love their King, but they used to have another one. They used to have a Queen as well as their beloved King Cerdic. Queen Ethelwyn left the kingdom after the first war with the Mercians and returned to her kingdom beneath the sea, leaving behind only her daughter, Princess Sierra Witherwind. Sierra, although she grew up with her father, is utterly her mother at heart. She is a sea elf.

Now the Mercians are coming again, and Sierra must realize her true power and fully become the Sea Storm of legend, the personification of the storm that brought the mythical Flood.
Aided by her six hand maidens, The Wind, The Fog, The Currents, The Foam, The Rain, and The Thunder, she must prepare for war and, at the same time, reconcile her parents, for only then will they be able to resist the Mercian onslaught.

Meanwhile, deep beneath the waves, her true love Eodred has been brought by The Wind, Fog, Foam, and Currents, to train under the Queen to become the seventh and most powerful of the godlike beings that serve Sierra; the Lightning.

Even though they are on the brink of war, can the two lovers bear to be apart, will the Ishaeran Army be ready in time, and when Sierra's power is taken from her, can they retrieve it in time for a battle even greater than the one that destroyed their predecessors?


  1. I want to read this sometime. :)

  2. Not until I have it typed up. No one touches my manuscript but me. :)


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