Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poem In Process

I started writing this poem back in July, and never got around to finishing it. It's related to the piece I'm going to write for National Novel Writing Month. I think it still counts, seeing as the website said "no complete sentences" are to be written prior to November, and a poem is just phrases.

Here it is:

Flick of a tail
Flash of the eyes
Dark of the female
The witch's cat cries

Around corner of street
Dashing cloak hem is seen
Asphalt on bare feet
The night's silent queen

Checking behind her
Cat at her heels
Not frightened as they were
At the altar she kneels

I know that in the "cover art" question, I said that she would have semi-high heeled boots, but feet rhymes with street. She will have boots, because the area she lives in at the time of the story is rather dangerous to go around without shoes in.

I may continue the poem, and I may not. Right now, that is what I have.



  1. Thanks! This is probably my only poem that rhymes but still sounds normal.


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