Saturday, October 27, 2012

In Which I Write A Post

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." - a five year old named Karl

God, I haven't posted in months. Sorry about that. A combination of school, Tumblr, and life got in the way.

Things going on with me:
  • Full schedule of AP classes
  • Applied to college
  • Got accepted/am officially going to UNCG
  • Working on a production of As You Like It
  • Turned seventeen
  • Found myself the most excellent of boyfriends
  • Am generally happy
So yay.

Sixteen was pretty great, and so far seventeen is better.

Unfortunately, I'm kind of fresh out of the type of stuff that used to go on this blog. (I tend to avoid looking over the archives, but from what I remember I think that's probably kind of a good thing.) I have one post idea right now, there will undoubtedly be some NaNoWriMo things going on over here, and of course there will be my usual "oh hey the year is over let me process things and write about my life" stuff come December/January, but for the most part you will--officially, this time--be seeing a lot less of me.

Part of this is due to the fact that my whole focus on getting published has shifted dramatically to just writing things I feel like writing and sharing them with my friends, so there really isn't any big exciting news going on. Although I did do another workshop type thing about NaNoWriMo at a library.

You guys are just like my blogging family, and I've left for blogging college (in the form of Tumblr--if anyone cares enough to come hang out over there leave a comment and I'll give you my url) or something--I'll still come back to visit. :)


  1. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with any analogy comparing Tumblr to an institution of higher learning. Elitist comment is elitist. But anyway, glad to hear things are good, and enjoy... tumbling... tumblring... ?

    1. Hehehe we've got some HIGH QUALITY DISCOURSE going on.

    2. In context, I am inclined to assume that is sarcasm emphasis, but I am willing to admit that my bias may be showing...


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