Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/50 Characters

Considering this character spawned from part of our conversation last meeting, I thought I'd share him with you:

Max Kerbrem
A small community acting group, specializing in under-ten-actor plays, meets for their rehearsal of a slightly adapted version of Othello. Before they begin, they stand around chatting for a few minutes. It becomes apparent that every member of the group knows the same person, James Southropin, but none of them knew the others knew him. Max Cerbrem is astonished. “Why is it that everyone I know knows each other?”
Maybe that’s true for the acting group, but Max is known for his astonishing ability to find connections between the most estranged of things. He loves suspense and mystery films, often figuring out the plot/crime before the protagonist does, as well as watching tennis on TV. This year’s Australian Open is coming to a close, and Max is supporting Andy Murray. During the epic match between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick, Max was rooting for Roger and felt horrible afterwards, so now he always hopes the lesser-known player will become the champion.
Max, a jingoist with a bit of a goatee, is fairly active politically as he has a relatively well-known radio show. The 31-year-old’s “friends,” led by Southropin, are secretly plotting to kill him as part of creating one global country. They know he’s a threat to their plans, which is why they have come together around him in order to eliminate his existence.

Sorry, Zach Dickerson, for making you into a murderer.

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