Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Character of an Assignment

Ah, cheesy post titles. At least you sound mildly interesting.

We spent most of Creative Writing today reading each other our character profiles/paragraphs. Many were interesting, many were depressing, and many were about a hitman-priest.

Our homework was all of the above, with the priest being optional. We have to write 47 more character profiles for 47 more characters. An interesting assignment, a depressingly large assignment, and an assignment to possibly include a hitman-priest.

I'm thinking of doing some of them on characters I already have. My teacher won't know, and this could really be helpful to me. That's the point, right? To improve my writing?

So far I've completed 5/50 (including the 3 already done for homework last night), and am working on another one. Two of them (Anthony and Alfred Zuckermangut) are brothers, and I might do one about Mrs. Paula Urga-Torie's husband Robert.
This has proven to be a difficult yet enjoyable thing to do.

Crap, I need to go to my math homework. I completely forgot about that. Grrr.


  1. Can they be all from the same story? That might be good for an epic-sized work. ;)

  2. They can be, but that would be absurdly difficult. I'm taking some from current things I'm working on, things I've dropped, and also making up some new ones of course.


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