Friday, January 29, 2010


There's snow on the ground- more than there's been here for a long time. I'm inside, but I'm shivering. It's beautiful. I want to go out and float on top so as not to spoil the perfection. I want to wander through a forest by the light of the full moon, snow crunching under my feet. I love snow. I love it I love it I love it.

Last time it snowed (the Friday before we got off for Winter Break), the sub we had in English kept saying "You guys have all seen snow before. It's no big deal. Go back to your seats and watch the movie." Correction: one of the class had just moved from Florida and hadn't actually seen snow before. He said it "made his year." Also, yes, we have all seen it before (besides him). We know we all love it. That makes us even more excited.

Last time it snowed I was...let's just say I probably won't ever see snow without thinking of then. And, like Thief of Words was saying, I think I shall have to write a scene with it. I'm thinking the epilogue of Clockwork would be good with snow, if the epilogue ends up being the same as I think it will be.

Speaking of which, I edited more of that today. I'm almost caught up with where I'm at in the actual writing.

I'm going to go climb into bed where it's warm now. Why is my room so cold?


  1. How did you make THIEF OF WORDS.....clickable?

  2. I hyper-linked it. There's a button when you're typing a new post.


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