Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Epic Announcement Less Epic Than The Last One

This Epic Announcement has nothing on the birth of Henry Green, but I'm pretty excited about it.
Are you ready for it?

I finished editing what I have so far of the first draft of The Clockwork Experiment!!!! YAY! I actually enjoyed editing it and making it better, but the fact that I completed that undertaking makes me happy.
My sister kicked me off her laptop (I prefer to write on the computer downstairs on the couch rather than here in my room), so now I'm back up here. Speaking of me being back places, I'm back to writing new material for it.

Not that this has any effect on all of you, since next meeting you'll just hear chapters 4 & 5 (and maybe 6, depending on how long they are. I'm not exactly sure).

On chapters, I happen to write rather short ones, so Clockwork is at around 57,300 words with about 50 chapters. (Well, I'm technically not done editing what I've written so far, but I've decided that a certain scene needs to happen after some things that I haven't written yet, so I'm not editing that part yet).

Oh swain. I was just looking at the sticky notes stuck to the outline that is still taped to my wall...and I realized there is an important thing I need to add that I didn't come up with until last Monday, so it never made it into the first edit. I'll have to do that before reading you that part.

The magic has removed itself from the book considerably more willingly than I expected it to. Everything has worked out (well, all of the major things).

I've had a very productive day, actually. I went sledding and had some fun in the morning (by the way, I never did have eggs again for Third Breakfast. I had some English Muffin bread instead), wrote another two Character Profiles for school, and then did all of the stuff I've just been telling you about this afternoon. Oh, and I also worked in some Super Mario Bros. Wii in there too. :)

The following will be completely unrelated to the above. I'm just putting it in the same post.

I did a review of sorts for the first episode of Syfy's Caprica, so why not another one?

It was very cool how they balanced showing the robot sometimes as a robot and sometimes as Zoe, since Zoe's Avatar (from the virtual nightclub) is trapped inside. The humans aren't aware of it. I am wondering whether or not she's aware that she's a robot. There's some points where I think she thinks the people are treating her the way they do just because they know she's not the real Zoe.

My dad and I were discussing the virtual nightclub, and he says all of the stuff inside (like the death-cult people thing), as well as the polytheism throughout the show, is to represent the ancient Romans and how they went way too overboard on the "living in the moment" slogan.
When I hear that, I think it means to enjoy everything you do. Apparently when the Romans and the people of Caprica hear it, they think "always do something I enjoy."
I asked him what the robots were representing, and he didn't know, but that's not terribly important. We know they end up rebelling and taking over because they don't want to be slaves. Old plot, but apparently it was new when Battlestar was first thought up.

Dad says his friend told him that the kid ends up being the hero in Battlestar, so that's good. The way things are going for him, I was afraid he would end up being semi-bad, or at least detrimental to the cause of good in the show. Speaking of the cause of good, are we supposed to be rooting for the robots? Zoe seems to be the protagonist, even though she's part of a terrorist organization. It's so confusing.

My mom says the show is "weird." I think the concepts of widespread polytheism and socially accepted group marriages (there was one of those mentioned in the episode last night) bother her.
I like it. I also like that it is on Fridays, so its okay that it keeps me up past 10:30 (which is something I avoid on school nights).


  1. Well, congrats on the editing! I'm still working on WITCHLAND and a paper for English, but soon I hope to get back to my noveling. Two concerns: 1) For fantasy, I am writing a trilogy, but publishers don't like to take series from new authors; 2) The only horror I've read has been from Mr. King. Maybe I will read DRACULA; FRANKENSTEIN; THE EXORCIST; or THE OMEN. Dean Koontz, Richard Matheson, Peter Straub and Anne Rice are also supposed to be pretty good.

  2. I've never read any horror, as you know. Let's see... is this paper your letter to the author? Or are you on to the symbols now? Or do you not have Mrs. Hellinger?

  3. I do not. This is about a day that meant much to me (though the first draft covered more like 4.5 years).

    And I thought you read THE HOT ZONE?

  4. I did. Does that count? I thought it was just nonfiction...that's where we found it in B&N.


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