Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doctor Who Truth Or Fail...and more about Snow

One of my favorite YouTube channels, the Vlogbrothers, have also started this game show on YouTube that anyone can play at any time. It's called Truth or Fail. They give you two facts on the topic, and you must choose which one is the truth...or you fail. There's five rounds.

This week's episode is on Doctor Who. I got all but the last one correct, and learned lots of stuff! (yeah, I guessed on most of them...) I happened to know #4, because the one Old Who episode I've ever watched happened to deal with that one...

Other Truth or Fails cover:

Episode 1: General Knowledge
Episode 2: English Edition
Episode 3: Harry Potter
Episode 4: Literature Edition
Episode 5: Sharks
Episode 6: Woodstock
Episode 7: Trivia From John Green's Books
Episode 8: Outer Space
Episode 9: Science
Episode 10: Beards
Episode 11: The Lost Symbol (with Dan Brown)
Episode 12: Drugs
Episode 13: Hoaxes
Episode 14: Halloween
Episode 15: J.R.R. Tolkein
Episode 16: Water (With Two Hot Guys in the Shower)
Episode 17: Crazy Body Abnormalities
Episode 18: Doggies
Episode 19: Doctor Who

The episode in the background of the Doctor Who episode is "An Awful Lot of Running," by the absurdly awesome (and first) Time Lord Rock band Chameleon Circuit.

I hope you watch at least some of those Truth or Fails, because it took me an awful long time to link them all for you. :D

Now I'm going to go eat my third breakfast of the day (cereal @ 7:30, eggs at 10:30, and now probably more eggs here at 12:30).

I went sledding this morning. Then I tried to snowboard down my neighbor's extremely steep driveway using my sled. I made it down the driveway, but then fell when I got to the road and banged me head kinda hard...but I'm okay.

Before sledding, my sister and I went deer tracking. Mom had seen some crossing the street before we went out, and so we found the tracks and decided to follow them. They took us through a small stretch of woods in the middle of my neighborhood, up through the briers into my old neighborhood (yeah, you can see our old house from my living room), down another street (through people's yards), down a cauldesac,  down someone's driveway, through someone else's backyard, and then onward. We turned back when we got to that point. Mom wasn't pleased I'd gone tramping through people's yards, but oh well. I was busy honing my Ranger Skills (Ranger's Apprentice reference, anyone?). She wasn't happy, but I'm sure my friend David will think differently...he's closer to earning his Silver Oakleaf than I am (having a PI for a dad helps in these things), so I've got to try to catch up.


  1. I went out in my neighborhood and sledded down the street our cauldesac opens up onto. Then we went down the greenway, and I saw none other then Emily Harper. We talked a short bit, then I went to my sister's friend's house and her dad let me hold a REAL sword! He does a lot of Shakespeare productions, but I've never made it to one...yet. I'm going to try to make the next one.

  2. Ah, cool! I went and saw an outdoor performance of The Tempest last summer as part of this "Shakespeare in the Park" thing they do in Buffalo. Then my uncle took us out for coffee/ hot chocolate. I'd never been out and about in a city that late at night before. It was very interesting.

  3. I have in Chicago (and Raleigh if that counts), but I've never been to NY :/


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