Friday, December 10, 2010

A Call For Assistance

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him." - Voltaire

If anyone knows of some fantastic articles regarding globalization (preferably cultural--not economic-- globalization) as it relates to the internet, please leave the links in a comment.
I have some good stuff already, and know where to find more, but I figured I'd ask.

It's for research project for English. We have to do a speech, a Powerpoint, and possibly a short video as well, about a "global issue." This is mine.
I considered robots/AI, media bias, and literacy as well, but (obviously) I chose this one.

PSAT scores came back today. No, I'm not telling you mine. I did well, but that's all I'm saying.
The more interesting aspect of that event was this: not only did we get the scores back, but we also got the tests themselves. So I can go over the stuff I got wrong. That's kind of cool. I've never had that for a standardized test before.

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  1. Love the quote...I think that is so true, despite the science of it all. Great job on the PSATs? :)

    I will see what I can conjure up via work for your globalization. This is part of my job, not specifically internet but related, since we do *software* globalization as part of work. Internationalization (aka I18N) of software, including text/terminology/etc. It's quite fascinating. In fact, did you know that every keyboard in all countries as has a CTRL and a SHIFT key? And it's not translated...all have the same terms.


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