Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Look Fat.

"The first duty of love is to listen." - Paul Tillich

When I walked into the bathroom during lunch today, there was a bunch of girls standing around talking. This was surprising, as the bathroom is usually empty at that time. I don't know them at all.
Let it be noted that I wasn't "eavesdropping." They were talking, and I happened to be there.

One of the girls, as casual as a Saturday afternoon, said to one of the other ones, "You look fat. I mean, you're already obese, but..."
My expression:   0_0

How can you say that to someone? It didn't even sound as if she was intentionally trying to be mean. It was spoken as I might say "The kitchen is downstairs." An observation.
Let it also be noted that although I didn't want to look so as to let them know I had been listening, I'm pretty sure none of the girls could be classified as "obese," or even "over-weight."

Furthermore, since they were in there  together (and the stereotype that girls always take bathroom trips together does have some merit), I would assume that they're "friends." See my quotation marks.
 I don't care if she weighs over 400 pounds-- you shouldn't phrase things like that. When it comes to "obesity" (which starts long before 400), it's not about appearances anymore - it's about health, and it should be phrased as such.

Sorry, but why the hell would anyone want to spend time with someone like that?
It sounds terribly nerdy of me when I phrase it this way, but I've read about girls like that. I hadn't met any before. (I technically still haven't, I suppose). I assumed the portrayals were exaggerating. Apparently not.

That is not a real friend. A real friend can be many things, and everyone will have his or her own definition, but that is objectively not included, so do I declare. It doesn't matter how the comment was intended-- that's just cruel.

**steps off of soapbox**

In other entirely unrelated news:

I'll be unexpectedly taking AP Chemistry next semester. I'm in Honors level now, and we got a letter from my teacher saying that "the student to whom the letter was sent" had been doing very well, and she was trying to recruit kids to take her AP class. So I don't have Computer Apps anymore! *celebrates*
If I get a 4 or a 5 on the AP exam, I'll get 8 credit hours for it, which is apparently a lot for one class. A score of 3 will get me 4 hours. And just as I was getting excited about not having to write lab reports anymore...

Then there's the book I'm currently reading (ha, which of the 6-7, you ask?). It's called The Maze Runner.

Thomas rides the Box up for over half an hour. The ceiling slides back and he finds 50-ish boys in their teens staring down at him. They are the Gladers, and they live in the Glade, surrounded by the Maze. Each month, a new boy is delivered, and supplies arrive weekly. None of them remember anything about themselves other than their names. 
Then the next day, the Box activates again, and a girl appears with a morbid message.

That's all I'm going to tell you, other than that I'm enjoying it immensely and sort of reminds me of the poem I'm performing for the debate team competition this weekend.

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  1. I've met girls (and boys) like that. I try to avoid them, but it can be hard sometimes. I don't know what makes them think it's OK....


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