Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Part 2

"Well, anagrams say something about the malleability of language. We always think of language as an immovable object, as this set of codified and unbreakable rules. But when you consider that one can rearrange the letters in PRESBYTERIANS and spell BRITNEY SPEARS, it reminds us that language (and the stories we tell with language) can be twisted and molded. Words are not static. Language shapes our memories, and it is also shaped by our memories.
Also, I can’t think of a talent that is more simultaneously impressive and useless than anagramming." - John Green

The sequel to one of my first posts...Snow.

Today I helped make several hundred pierogies at my aunt's house. A pierogi is a polish food that is basically a semi-circle of pasta stuffed with something. My favorite is potato, but we also made Ricotta cheese, sauerkraut, and sweet potato.
It's started sticking to the road.

I have very little to say other than that. I mainly just wanted to write a sequel post and use one of the quotes I've had sitting around waiting for an opportunity to be used.

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