Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"True change takes place in the imagination." - Thomas Moore

I have not played World of Warcraft since maybe the beginning of middle school, and I only stopped then because we sold our accounts to me cousins. 
Every now and then, one of my sisters will download a 10-day free trial just to play a bit. This time, two expansions since I last played, I made a new character on one of their computers to play for a bit.

See the title of the post.

There used to be challenges. You had to work for stuff. You'd have to climb all the way to the top of an enormous tree to get your spells. You'd have to walk across the entire area to turn in your quest.

But now? Oh no. By the time I finished killing a moonsaber, another one would have already re-spawned. I didn't even have to move. Quest givers were positioned at the exact location of where the quest took place. Barber shops allow you to change your appearance if you don't like it. More ports and gryffon points eliminate travel by foot. Night elves can be mages (you don't have to deal with the disadvantages of a certain race). Hunters start out with their pets instead of having to wait until level 10. You can get a mount at level 20 instead of 40.

There aren't any challenges! Everything is just handed to you now! The game isn't fun anymore! I worked my butt off when I was 10 to get to level 40! Getting a mount was a big deal! It cost almost 100 gold! Now, we sold the accounts shortly after I made level 38 so I didn't actually make it there, but I was putting forth effort.

What's the point of playing if I get instant gratification and don't have a goal to work towards? 

On a mostly unrelated note: Hannah, REALLY? Did Stephenie Meyer REALLY only write to 5 agents and then get a $75,000 ADVANCE? For her first book? That's...incredibly aggravating.

My dad says that I should write a parody book involving vampires, werewolves, a boarding school that children start at age 11 that teaches magic and ONLY accepts kids into their school IF AND ONLY IF they are children of the Greek gods.
I told him that was a fantastic idea but I didn't think I'd be much good at writing parody fiction.

I was supposed to go get my permit today. Then my dad forgot and slept the entire morning and my mom was feeling miserable because of her acid-reflux medication that she's still getting used to and didn't feel up to taking me to the DMV. So hopefully I'll go tomorrow.

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