Thursday, December 16, 2010


I must be making up for the time I lost in November. Or maybe it's a snow day and I have a lot of time on my hands and a low desire to work on my homework. One of the two. But probably not the last one. 

Today I learned about a site called Figment. It's a place for teens to share and talk about their writing. It's pretty awesome. No offense to The Strand for the 21st Century.
There's contests and book reviews and all kinds of stuff.

I entered the current contest with "Thirst." And yes, there is a Doctor Who reference in there.

So have fun with that. Follow my work, and leave a link to your profile in a comment so that I can read your stuff too.



  2. I saw your story on Figment, it's neat.
    About your being a literary character, I've always felt that way, it's much better to be a post-Frodo hobbit......

    I just wanted to see your blog, but I'm never one to pass up on shameless self-promotion so:

  3. Thanks, Zaphodora, and I love your username.
    *goes to see your profile*

  4. Isn't Figment exciting? It's a nice-looking place to spend time reading and writing some great stories. Good luck with the contest :)

    Here's my profile, though I blog as well:

  5. Hey - thanks for checking out my blog! The idea of milk crowns came randomly, but it just wouldn't leave my head :) Yes, I've seen the Nissan commercial - it's wondeful, really. I love the big bear hug at the end. It warms my heart.

    But thanks for stopping by; I just started blogging, so it's nice to see comments once in a while.

    Oh, and that other guy who's posting... I'm not thrilled with him either. He seems to be stalking me with his "good intentions." Bah.


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