Sunday, May 1, 2011

Link: Memento Mori

"Look back, and smile on perils past." - Walter Scott

The above link leads to an article written by Cory Doctorow that goes along with my post about generation gaps. I thought it was very interesting and brought up several good points.
Coincidentally enough, I've also been dancing around the Little Brother PDF for my Civics book report, and...I'd forgotten just how awesome that book is.

As for other awesome things: Doctor Who last night was amazing. My grandparents are visiting so my grandpa decided to watch it with us having not seen "The Impossible Astronaut." At the end he looked at us and said "Did any of you follow that?"
My youngest sister said "No."
I said "Yes."
He said "Well at least someone did! I may have fallen asleep a few times in the middle."

Don't judge him for falling asleep, though-- I overheard him discussing the episode with my dad later. :)

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