Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet My Music

So having talked about my music in general terms...I figured I may as well introduce you to some of the specifics (plus rock4ever95 asked about the 20-25% that's non-nerdy).

It's kind of difficult to determine exactly which songs I listen to the most, since sometimes I just sing them to myself inside my head, and sometimes I go to the next song before it's technically over so it doesn't register as a play, and I starting syncing my iPod to a different computer earlier this year, so my "times played" counts are skewed...In short, this is a rough depiction of what I've been listening to recently.

Here are my top 10 most-played songs according to iTunes:

  1. "Winter's Song" by Alan Lastufka. Depressing. And gorgeous. I have the sheet music for the piano.
  2. "My Eyes" from the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. Speaks for itself.
  3. "Delete You" by All Caps. For exactly why it's awesome, go read my review of the album (I believe I called it the "angry breakup song of the century").
  4. "Summer of '09" originally by All Caps, but I have three versions. See the aforementioned review. Has been said to be the "song of our generation" (by biased fans, granted.)
  5. "All I Am" also by Alan Lastufka. I have no idea why this is so high on the list (it should be in the 10-20 range), so I'm assuming I was still working on the short story for it when I switched computers.
  6. "Real Or Not Real" by All Caps- technically about Mockingjay, but that's not why I listen to it.
  7. "An Awful Lot of Running" by Chameleon Circuit. No excuses here.
  8. "A Thousand Hours" Doctor Noise cover of Alex Day. See review.
  9. "Making A Scene" by Alan Lastufka. Alright, so I enjoy the image of dancing in a parking lot without a care in the world.
  10. "Boxcar Blood" yet again by Alan Lastufka. This is the song that made me start writing the stories for the entire album. Enough said.
I would consider only two of those "nerdy" (three if you count Dr. Horrible). Why do I like the others? They invoke emotions and/or strong imagery. If YouTube views were to be counted as well as iPod plays, "You Will Be Mine" by Lenka (song introduced to me a week ago by CloudyKim) would be up there (I'm currently working on a short story for that one too- haha), which I love for the...atmosphere?

As for the other non-nerd songs...there's some Mountain Goats, Ben Folds/Nick Hornby, Jonathon Coulton,The Caulden Road, and one song each from Ted Hu, The Format, Dave Matthews, David Byrne, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Florence + The Machine. There would be one or two by Weird Al, but...kind of lacking in the iTunes-based funds right now. YouTube is my friend.

The Ben Folds stuff is brand new-- I listened to two of the songs awhile ago and liked them a lot, but I only re-looked them up today-- so don't ask me about the others quite yet. It's not often that I buy an entire album without listening to all/most of it beforehand, so I'm taking a bit of a risk here.


  1. (I consider all ten of those to be nerdy in varying degrees)

  2. (I know you do. I'll hand you Summer of '09 and Delete You, but Erase This isn't remotely nerdy except for the means by which it is distributed.)

    So how does the rest of it compare?


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