Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Which My Paranoia Sets In

This is all new to me, right? Sure, I've taken a class where we talked about it some, and read loads of personal accounts and blogs and whatnot...but I've never done this whole getting-published thing before.

I know Clockwork is good. I worked hard on it, and I've had loads of help from you guys. That's not what worries me. I know it's just a matter of time manuscript-wise.

But what about my query letter?

The query I wrote for Ishaera for my exam only got points taken off for phrasing and tense (I wrote it as if I was still working on the book as opposed to having finished. The directions confused me so I thought that was the way he wanted it.)

But that's just one. It's an entirely different thing. Prose I can do decently. Poetry is subjective. But a query letter? I've only written three of those in my entire life. Okay, maybe four. But still. 

And I know two rejection letters is nothing. Really. I know this. But that doesn't keep me from worrying. So I'll be reading my query letter to you next week, and you can have at it.

Yes, so I sent four or five more queries out this morning, and I got one reply so far (I'm actually impressed by how fast he was in getting back to me.)

One of them asked for people to send the first few pages along with their queries, and the first chapter of Clockwork is definitely the best (in my opinion, anyways.) Another said to attach the first 50 pages. Strangely enough, I'm more nervous about that one. The first 50 pages are very Queste-centric and set-uppy. And we all know that Queste is annoying. It's very girly YA and not much sci-fi. However, it does have the tea people in it, so I think that's good. It's pretty much immediately after that point that things start getting interesting (she finds the library, talks to Ronald for the first time, etc.)

Driving-wise, they took me driving around downtown Raleigh today (scary, right?), and then afterwards my mom and I went over to the elementary school and I practiced parking (I'm not very good at that. Especially right-hand parking.)

The Parselmouths are an excellent band. This is my second-straight time through their CD I bought last night at the concert.

And also, since I wrote some reviews of it on here during the beginning of the season (which I won't be doing this time around), I figured I'd tell you that Syfy's Caprica will be starting up again in January. 


  1. girly YA is very popular right now. And I mean very popular. So maybe the girlyness will spark their interest. They might think that they can sell that better than they could sell sci-fi.

    BTW, when it is published I expect the book to be dedicated to me. I also expect to recieve 33% of the profits. Actually I expect to be credited as a co-writer. Actually I expect to be credited as the writer. maybe you'll be mentioned in the acknowledgments.

  2. Lol, sorry. The dedication belongs to my World History teacher from last year (but DON'T TELL HIM. It's going to be a surprise.). That class was fantastic, I had so much fun, and he and the class gave my work loads of support. Dedications are "For" somebody. But I would put money on the fact that you'll be in the acknowledgements. :)
    And yes, I know. I'm hoping that will get more girls into it, since usually its guys that like sci-fi. But it's not what people expect from the label "science ficiton." Plus, the query gives very little hint about it.


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