Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reaping The Rewards

Well that's that, then. I'm a published author...sort of. Not really. More on that later.

Last November I worked insanely hard to write 50,000 words in 30 days. And I did it. CreateSpace was kind enough to give me a code to receive a free proof copy of any given thing I chose to upload. Which I did.

See? It just came in the mail today. I didn't expect it to arrive for another week at least. It's a present for my grandparents, so I won't be taking it home with me, but Mom's going to let me order another one for myself (it's registered with her credit card.)

Yes, it's just vanity publishing, so it doesn't really count and it shouldn't go in query letters or anything...but I still think it's awesome. I plan on compiling the stuff I write in the next year to give to them in a "Volume 2." But don't say anything to them. Of course, I include the link to this blog in it, so maybe my grandma will check it out and find out, and none of you know how to contact her, but let's not push it.

It's about 120 pages.

I'm sort of afraid that if I've had this reaction (which you hopefully won't be able to glean via this post- it's been a lot of staring at it and giddy smiling) to this, how will it go if/when I get something "properly" published? I think my reaction is completely valid, but still...
Plus, my sisters have been laughing at me.

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